Each member is provided SGA International brand identity assets to enable members to adopt the SGA International logo onto their website, stationery and communication materials. They are also provided with copies of the SGA International brochure. There are various other materials available for a member’s use. Members’ logos and information are included on the SGA website together with a link to members’ websites. Members are encouraged to link their website to the SGA world website.

Our IT and Digital Marketing team help you to re design and optimise our partner's web site for SEO and SMO on request

Free basic website design (1 or 2 pages) +Domain name+Web hosting services are free for Members. If you have an existing site SGA offer's redesign and free hosting (free transfer of domain and existing site) if required.


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* Add on services require extra payment. The service only limited to our member firms and can apply through the member's portal. Various packages are available. All prices are discounted.
Each member is legally independent and is expected to abide by the standards of service expected by their recognised professional body. Additionally, there are standards of service that SGA expects members to adhere to in respect of business referred between members.
No. Members provide services to their clients in their own name.
SGA world has a ‘members only section’ on the website that provides full details on the capabilities of each member.

If you are international, independent law, accounting, audit or management consulting firm and are regarded as one of the leading firms in your profession in your country, providing excellent client services and high-quality standards, then you meet the basic requirements for SGA World membership.

Membership Enquiry Form

SGA World is a professionally managed organization. This marks a huge difference from voluntarily managed networks.


We understand that the key to a successful alliance is the careful selection of member firms.

Trademark protection

SGA's trademark is protected almost everywhere in the world, and certainly in all locations where we have SGA member firms.

Multidisciplinary approach

SGA World covers a wide range of services due to its unique combination of professions. This enables SGA member firms to serve their clients better. All of our members benefit from having access to a very wide range of professional services all over the world.


Each SGA member firm keeps its independence and its own company name.