Nermeen Nayer

Nermeen has over 20 years of experience working in consulting and financial advisory to help international organizations with different aspects; development of business plans and strategies, development of policies and procedures, organizational assessments, capacity building and trainings, valuation and due diligence, and compliance assurance.


Nermeen has a diversified experience in different industries that included Not-For-Profit, Manufacturing, Services, Financial Institutions (Banks, Micro Finance, Financial Leasing), and Trading.

Nermeen has also provided financial advisory and consulting services throughout her years of experience to many reputable organisations, example; UNWOMEN Egypt, European Commission, Diakonia-Swedish international organization, and others.

Nermeen’s performance was rated as outstanding for her contribution in improving our clients’ performance in terms of enhanced business processes and internal controls, improved compliance with rules & regulations, advanced capacity of partners, and setting of an effective monitoring and evaluation systems.

Qualifications and interests

Nermeen is an MBA holder. She earned her MBA in Global Leadership from University of Prince Edward Island, Canada in March 2020. The focus of her masters was on doing business at the international level through identifying, analyzing, and proposing feasible and innovative solutions to business problems across a wide range of functional areas in industries and governments in a global environment.
She has also attained CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) level 1, which demonstrates the knowledge and comprehension of investment tools such as quantitative methods and financial reporting and analysis, Ethical principles and Standards of Professional Conduct.