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SGA World member firms provide a full range of audit & assurance services across a wide variety of business sectors. Your business is about more than the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. That’s why our team of audit specialists and technical experts focus on the bigger picture.

Statutory audit, Assurance and review, Public listed companies, IT consulting and audit, Internal controls

Statutory audit is designed to provide a reasonable level of assurance to users of accounts. Most organizations are required to maintain at least annual financial statements to record their activities. Often another reporting is also required; for example to satisfy the needs of a regulator or other interested party. Our audit and supplementary audit services will help you meet regulatory requirements, as well as the particular needs of your organization.We meet all your needs for full financial reporting in compliance with various statutes. Our expertise includes reporting for companies, banks, micro-finance institutions, stockbrokers, insurance companies and brokers, parastatal bodies under various acts, Co-operative Societies and charities.
A wide range of assurance and review services can support your business in many ways such as financing, ownership changes, M&A.
Many of our member firms are licensed to audit publicly listed companies and have all the special regulatory and compliance expertise required.
Our approach to consulting combines all these areas – we offer IT system audits, audits of internal controls and processes, migration testing, data analyses, and IT-specific tax advice (for example audits according to the principles of data access and auditing of digital documents ('GDPdU'), e-balance sheet, electronic invoice). We will be pleased to support our clients or other auditors and tax consultants in all upcoming questions regarding IT.
Sometimes the biggest financial risks to an organisation can come from inadequate or opaque internal controls. Testing of and advice about these controls can provide essential peace of mind.

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