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SGA World Milan, Italy : Studio Le Pera Commercialisti Associati was founded in 1991 by Dr. Pietro Le Pera in Milan. Over the years, it has become a point of reference for numerous companies in Milan and beyond. It has also expanded its area of expertise, building close relationships with professionals in the legal and financial areas. In 2018, the firm moved to its current office in Via Egadi 2, and the new partner, Dr. Mosè Tiziano Begotti, joined the firm. Thanks to a mix of experience, expertise, and energy, SLP responds daily to the ever-increasing needs of businesses.

SLP participates in preparing financial statements and annual tax returns for all clients, such as VAT, Income Tax, and 770. SLP also offers the intermediary service for the transmission of files to the Chamber of Commerce and the Inland Revenue.

For larger clients, SLP provides support for the client’s administrative staff in their day-to-day activities and training through the organization of monthly webinars.

SLP (SGA World Milan, Italy) is directly involved in assisting its clients in the main types of extraordinary transactions (mergers, demergers, transfers, and liquidations) and can carry out due diligence at target companies, company valuations, and appraisals. Finally, the firm assists its clients in all stages of tax litigation, from the possible access of the tax authorities to the company to the defense before the competent tax commissions.

SLP’s professionals advise companies on accounting, tax, and corporate matters. SLP keeps its clients up-to-date with the latest news throughout the year, including essential information on the principal calls for subsidized finance. Through the professional network that SLP has built up over its 30 years of activity, the firm also supports clients when they need advice in the legal, labor, and notarial fields. Moreover, the direct experience in contact with companies operating in the country’s main economic sectors allows SLP professionals to be authoritative interlocutor when advice is required on business and management issues.

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